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How to tell the difference between intuition and forcing a thought {Video}

Starting a new direction? Intuition can help. Take a moment and feel the feelings surrounding the decision. If you know it is right and it comes naturally to you then intuition is taking hold and guiding you in the direction you are meant to go. If you find yourself forcing a thought – convincing yourself […]

Positivity Friday! Change Perspective Change Your World.

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s Mindfulness Challenge: Complain no more. Take time today to pay attention to when a complaint might arise and what is happening to encourage that complaint. When noticing the complaint name it before it flies out into conversation and then shift the complaint to a positive statement. For example, if you come home […]

What is mindfulness?

There are times in life when we come to terms with the fact that where we are and how we got here is because of the choices that we have made throughout our journey. In this voyage difficulty arises when we are feeling as though we are not living up to our own self inflicted […]