How to start accepting and receiving compliments

Do you have trouble receiving compliments? When someone tells you that they like your shirt do you reply with “Oh this old thing”? Today’s challenge is to accept and receive compliments that come your way with a mere “Thank you” in response. One of the hardest things for people to do is receive a compliment – here are some simple things to consider the next time someone comes at you with a nicety.


Licia Morelli

About Licia Morelli

Licia is an internationally recognized clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach, and writer. Licia sees clients all over the world for coaching and clairvoyant readings and is currently writing a children’s book on mindfulness and meditation as well as a self help book for creating success. When she’s not writing, meditating, or being mindful, you can often find Licia eating frozen yogurt and searching for witty banter. See more at